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Transform Your

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No Strings Attached

Are you a disruptor, a pioneer, an innovator? Does your website reflect the cutting-edge spirit of your brand? At Pink Pineapple, we believe that everybody deserves a web presence that not only looks stunning but converts visitors into loyal fans.

That's why we're offering you a complimentary Website Audit – a mirror to show you how your website can perform better, faster, and smarter. And of course - Sell more!

Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
Award Winning Designs
Professional Partner
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Why Settle for Less When You Can Optimize for Success?

Our meticulous audit process is more than just a check-up; it's a growth blueprint for your online platform. As a boutique Webflow and Web Design agency, we understand the nuances of crafting an online experience that captivates and converts. Here’s what our free Website Audit includes:

Technical Tune-Up

We'll test your website technically - how is it performing? Are there any big issues stopping your website from performing?

SEO Testing

Visibility is key. We identify SEO snags that could be keeping you from ranking at the top where disruptors like you belong.

Design & UX Appraisal

Aesthetic appeal meets user-friendly design – we analyze your site’s design and user experience to ensure perfect harmony.

Content Review

Engaging content is king. We assess your website content to make sure it resonates, engages, and most importantly, converts.

Why Free? Because We Believe in Value First!

We're not just another web design agency. We're a partner in your success. By offering this Website Audit, we want to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to delivering results. We believe that when you experience the value we bring, you'll be confident in choosing us as your trusted digital growth partner. So why settle for less when you can optimize for success?

"They deliver more than just a website. They are really your online partners and help you grow."


CEO, Venture Challenge

"Working with Pink Pineapple is very easy. They are professional, and know exactly how to fit your needs."


CEO, Sani Müller

"I highly recommend working with Pink Pineapple. Their expertise guided us to a unique and high converting website."


CEO, Unlock Your Self

“I will definitely recommend you loudly and even actively draw attention to you guys because it was so amazing for us to work with you.”


CEO, Fanity

"The team at Pink Pineapple expertly brought our vision to life, creating a digital space that not only beautifully represents our brand but also offers an intuitive, user-friendly experience."


Founder, Set & Setting

''I feel just more professional with this website, because I got such great feedback from family, friends & clients - they all loved it''


CEO, Corinna Kehl Coaching

/ Innovative by Nature

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about our Strategic Website Audit.

Will the Website Strategic Audit be free?

Yes It will be fully free. We want to speak to as many founders as possible and help them to bring their unapologetic visions too live on their website.

How long will this website audit take?

If you share your website before the audit, we can do it within 30 minutes. We will come prepared.

Do I have to work with you after booking a website audit?

No - We want to give back and help you with simple and effective tips to create a better online identity.

What do I need to prepare?

Nothing - if you join, that is enough. We want to give you insane value back.