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on a mission to



sell yourself online

And we love doing so. Let us handle the technical part and focus on what matters most.

So this is a story about two men with a dream. A dream to design. A dream to create an impact. A dream to make history. Together they formed Pink Pineapple. A lot of digital agencies are focused on good design.

And although we believe that design is very important, it is not the most important thing. In the end, a website is a means to an end. A way to get leads. A way to show potential customers.

That is why we deliver full-service solutions. Not just design. Not just sales. But our clients and us, working together to create successful online businesses.

Picture of Wouter van de Velde & Patrick Farsch looking at each other after they had the idea of founding the Pink Pineapple Agency.
Pink Pineapple | Digital Agency -| Brand Identities | Web Design | Webflow Development

Company Culture

Having over a decade of experience in design, sales & UX, our team is fully capable of solving your questions. Our products are designed to meet those needs by understanding customers,

crown of the pineapple

Picture of Patrick Farsch founder of Pink Pineapple Agency.Picture of Patrick Farsch founder of Pink Pineapple Agency.


Chaotic creative mind held by strict structures. Seeking new inspiration by exploring new countries and their cultures. Mens sana in corpore sano (latin: healthy mind in a healthy body).

Transylvanian blood. Born in Germany. Home in the world. Big dreamer. Private chef. 'Can we animate this?'

Picture of Wouter van de Velde founder of Pink Pineapple Agency.Picture of Wouter van de Velde founder of Pink Pineapple Agency.


He loves growth hacking himself and his businesses. He eats everything for ‘’protein reasons’’ and doesn’t know what quitting means.

Fails forward. Every day. Passionate for sports, games & traveling. Lived in 4 different countries over the past year.


His friends sometimes call him over motivated because of his passion and enthusiasm for ideas, visions and personal development.  

Loves harmony and surfing.

Picture of Ghandi (the company dog) in the office wearing glasses.Picture of Ghandi (the company dog) in the woods.


He loves eating food. Especially food that isn’t his food. Besides that, he is very passionate about playing.

Currently on the look-out for a girlfriend, applications can be submitted here too.

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We’re delighted to be recognized for the great work we do, and our projects are living proof of that:

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