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How to create a brand like Chanel.

Let's chat about the enigma that is Chanel. You know, it's fascinating how women willingly pay over 30k for a bag, while for us guys, it seems like madness. But today, let's not dwell on the price tags. Instead, let's unravel the secrets of what makes Chanel so extraordinary and how you can borrow a page or two from their book for your own design and branding adventures.

Outstanding Timeless Elegance

Chanel has been ruling the world of fashion for ages. It's like they have some kind of magic formula for staying at the top. But here's the deal: it's not just about fashion; it's about the whole package - brand strategy and design, to be exact.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

1. The Mystique of Exclusivity:

You know that feeling when you score something unique and exclusive? Chanel thrives on it. They've got this master plan where they carefully control how much of their stuff gets out there. Limited production runs, hand-picked stores, and exclusive partnerships - it's all part of their strategy. This exclusivity makes Chanel's products more valuable. It's a smart move.

Pro tip - do this for your own brand. Create something that is exclusive. Limited amount of supply means more interest. We are not saying that you should limit your own sales, but mostly that you can create the feeling of exclusivity through keeping your spots limited, or keeping your products limited.

Photo by Chanel

2. Quality is Non-Negotiable:

If you're going to drop serious cash on a Chanel piece, you better believe it's going to be top-notch. Chanel is all about uncompromising quality. Every bag, dress, and accessory is a work of art, crafted with the finest materials. It's not just about looking good; it's about lasting a lifetime.

You can apply the same for your own brand. Every email with you can be an experience. Every touch point that your leads have with your brand can be an experience. Your website - an experience. We will cover a full Blogpost about Quality

3. Innovate and Keep Tradition Alive:

Chanel isn't stuck in the past. They experiment with new materials, embrace sustainability, and keep up with tech. It's all about staying fresh and relevant. Following these innovations keeps Chanel up-to-date with the newest trends. Not only when it comes to their materials, but also to their online presence. They innovate with the most up-to-date website techniques and funnel strategy. Once you check out their page, you will be followed with Chanel ads.

But let’s not forget about the tradition. They still sell some of their best selling products of 50!! year ago. They are not ashamed of them and even stronger - they show their rich history through their products from ages ago. Bottomline - don’t be ashamed to show your old products to your clients. You can onboard them in your yearlong visions and it actually shows your progress through the years.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

4. Stories and Emotions:

Here's a little secret - Chanel knows how to tell a good story. Through ad campaigns where they use the most famous models and stars, dazzling fashion shows, and exclusive events, they make you feel a part of something bigger. That iconic "CC" logo and the classic black and white color scheme? They speak volumes about luxury and style.

You can also apply this in your own business. We are not saying to hire Heidi Klum or any other big models for your business. But work with aesthetic designs and create a brand that is able to showcase your vision. You can create something big while still focusing on your personal approach.

Photo by Country&Town House

The Visual Magic of Chanel:

Now, let's talk visuals. Chanel's look is as iconic as its strategy. That famous interlocking "CC" logo? It's a symbol of class and elegance, stamped proudly on everything from bags to jewelry. When you see it, you know you're getting quality.

Chanel's black and white color combo? It's all about simplicity and sophistication. From their packaging to ads, it's a chic and timeless choice that ties everything together.

Chanel's choice of font is as iconic as their fashion. The primary typeface used by Chanel is a custom-designed font created exclusively for the brand. This bespoke typeface reflects the brand's commitment to uniqueness and sophistication. Its sleek, bold lettering with sharp edges radiates an aura of modernity and timelessness, making it instantly recognizable in both their logo and branding materials. It's a font that embodies the essence of Chanel – bold, elegant, and unmistakably chic.

In their photos, they keep it clean and crisp, high contrast, and all about the product. Natural light, soft backgrounds - it's all part of the luxury experience.

While this is their approach, you can still copy some of their design elements (if you like the brand of course). But remember, while you copy, just copy parts. A unique brand stands out by honoring its own beliefs and truths, not by copying from others.

In a Nutshell:

Chanel's magic isn't just in their designs; it's in how they tell their story. Their brand strategy, the visuals they choose - it's all part of the allure. It's proof that brilliant design and branding can create an everlasting legacy and a deep connection with people.

So remember this: You might not be in the market for a Chanel bag today, but you can definitely borrow a page from their playbook. After all, standing out in the design world starts with understanding what truly makes a brand exceptional. Cheers to that! 🍷👜