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VC Challenge

Website & Branding & Consultancy
What I like about working with Pink Pineapple is that they deliver more than just a website. They are really your online partners and help you grow. Working with them is never a on-off project. They think bigger and make you thrive.
Building a high-converting website and brand for the VC Challenge
The VC Challenge is an online learning platform where aspiring fund managers learn how to raise their first fund.

The process

The VC Challenge is a spin-off of Startup Norway. In August 2022 they were looking for an agency that could help them to design a website. Back then, they already successfully launched a trial for the Venture Capital Challenge, but now it was time to get serious for them. They found Pink Pineapple on the Webflow page, and after interviewing 7 other agencies, they decided to go with Pink Pineapple.

Together with the VC Challenge we started defining their brand and strategy. The first question we tackled was their message. What kind of brand do they want? How do they want to be represented online? What is the message that their audience is resonating with.

After defining the brand, we started to develop a webpage. A page where the Nordic people would feel represented. Fresh, innovative and with a focus on capturing leads.

The results

Together with the VC Challenge team, we managed to create the branding and website within a month from the first idea. Most importantly, together with the VC Challenge we managed to create something unique and that all while maintaining the Nordic colors and style.

As you read this here now, they captured over a 100 leads within the first 7 weeks of launching the website.

Besides this, building their website and seeing success with the website is just the start of our collaboration. We are currently building an e-learning system for the VC Challenge and aim to help them grow far beyond what they can imagine themselves!

Let's grow your business!