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Unique Passports

Custom Website Design, Webflow Development
We love our new website and it exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks to you, we are big WebFlow fans now.‍
A project to revamp the look and feel of the website to suit the luxury content Uniquepassports create.
Unique Passports are a couple that creates content from luxury places all over the world. They travel the world and display their life on Instagram. They love to share some of their life, passions, adventures and dreams with the world. The goal of their website is mainly to serve as a blog and a place where they can share their worldviews.

The process

To get the most out of our collaboration, we started off with Unique Passport’s their needs. They explained to us what they stand for: Freedom, Self-Expression, Love, Passion, dreams, and more. They wanted that vibe implemented in their website. They want to invite their visitors on a trip through their life of luxury. Besides that, their old brand was too masculine. Unique Passports preferred to have a brand that spoke to everybody, not only men. Another goal of the website was to sell their Instagram presets. And to be found more organically over Google. This way they were not only relying on Instagram, but they could build up their own audience online. As influencers, it is good to have multiple streams of income and multiple ways your audience can connect with you*.*

The results

Look at the design and let the website speak for itself. Banging design, with a touch of feminine energy, combined with a bit more masculine colours. We managed to let the beach vibes speak for itself. They now truly show as ‘’ Luxury Content creators’’.

The website is fast, has a beautiful blog and it represents their luxury life. And most importantly, they can now convert their visitors to customers, with their online shop. They were happy with the results and their website is now an important part of their sales.

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