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Theresa Vaupel

Strategy, Custom Website Design, Animation Design, Webflow Development
I just wasn’t using my website before and needed to come up with a solution - I did not even change the copy anymore. But I love having a representation of my work that is bigger than just Instagram, a place where people can dive into my work and see how my perspective is. I always wanted to give people the chance to get to know me more than just over Instagram. This is now possible. As a result, I was able to grow into the best version of myself and get my first 5 figure client. I wish this for everyone.
A project to level up the personal brand.
Theresa Vaupel is an online business and life coach for women who want more in life. She sells coaching, courses, and living life to the fullest to passionate women.

The process

Together with Theresa we sat down and defined her needs. Her current website was outdated and did not reflect the quality and vibe that she represented.

As she is teaching high-achieving businesswomen to grow their businesses and live a fulfilled life, her website is an important piece in her marketing puzzle. With her old website, she felt she was not happy with the quality, which was also reflected in her work. Her lack of confidence in her website led to her not being able to pitch her coaching and other products confidently.

Understanding her needs, helped a lot in the re-design of her website. We understood that, as Theresa is extraordinary as a coach, we had to create something new and sexy - something that would represent that quality of work on the outside and attract the clients she truly desires to work with.

The results

While the main result of the new website was a very sexy and extraordinary design, the actual result came not only in design but also in numbers. Because of the new website, Theresa was able to sign her first 5 figure clients within a couple of days of launching.

The new website gave her confidence and she was able to get out there with a website that represented her brand and identity - which made her target audience immediately identify her as the person they want to work with. Besides that, she is now able to share her work on a platform other than Instagram which makes her business more sustainable instead of being fully dependent on Instagram.

Directly communicating her beliefs with her clients and feeling confident in her brand, changed the world. And this is just the start. She believes that her new website is the stepping stone for her first €100k month and she can add every new offer to it which will help her to sell continuously - even when she is not actively pitching on Instagram.

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