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Sani Müller

Renewing the branding and reputation of a German medical supply company
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Creating a new brand and design for a German medical supply company
Sani Müller is a medical supply company from Germany. A year ago the company was taken over by a young, aspiring entrepreneur and she wanted to bring her medical supply company to the next level. The old brand and website looked straight out of the 90’s. In their search for a new brand, identity and website they knocked on Pink Pineapple’s door. The Goal - A modern website, that is easy to navigate and ready for the future. For young and old. Something where Sani Müller could display their products and a place that would help to reduce the workload of the Sani Müller employees.

The process

This project started off with photos. Sani Müller needed new pictures of their personnel and of their office. Besides that, they needed a new brand and image. After the photos, we went into a deep strategy session and laid the foundation for the Sani Müller brand of the future. A new logo, new colors, and a new font - something easy, accessible & fresh. Once that was done, we built the website.  And this is all within 10 weeks!!

The results

So the end result: Goodbye old website with 90s feeling - welcome new branding, photos and website. The team has now a website that makes them proud and that feels representable. Apart from that, one of the goals was to reduce phone calls to the office of Sani Müller. We unfortunately failed in that, since now everyone is calling and celebrating the new design. All with all, a great collaboration where we could use all our skills to create something lasting and successful. Will you be the next one with a new Pink Pineapple design? Fill in our contact form or reach out over our chat. Our team will be happy to help you further.

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