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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Design, Web Experience Design, Webflow Development
I will definitely recommend you loudly and even actively draw attention to you guys because it was so amazing for us to work with you. Anyone that wants a website developed and save money, time, and nerfs, should definitely take the chance to work with you and get their professional website.
A project to help fanity get investors and funding with the help of a compelling logo and a premium website.
Fanity is an innovative start-up, built to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans. Since they have a newly developed app and brand, they needed a website to showcase that. Without website, it would be hard to gain investors in their brand.

The process

Fanity was actively looking for a solution to get investors and represent their app online within a few weeks after contacting us. Together with Fanity, we identified their needs and developed a brand strategy. Based on the strategy, we first created a logo and corporate identity. After the visual style was set we designed the web experience around it and started to develop a unique website.

The most important aspect of the process was their branding and the quality of the website. Since Fanity is going to attract 100.000 €+ of investors, the brand has to look sexy and appealing. Without the right branding, investors will stay away and it is harder to sell.

The results

After a couple of weeks, we delivered a modern logo and web design. After the initial designs were approved, we went to work and created an extraordinary website. We gave them a website that will last for the upcoming years and allows them to sell their brand with confidence. Investors will be able to see the potential of Fanity. That is why we created a website and a brand that is both sexy and extraordinary. It stands out as an investment opportunity, and it shows potential investors Fanity is here to stay. Besides that, the website is fast. No matter where you are in the world, the website will load as fast as possible, allowing Fanity to deliver a great web experience to potential investors all over the world.

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